Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc.

Product Information


The products of The Complete Clothier (TCC) vary from the engines that draft the patterns and allow the user to create their vision in the garment, to the templates that provided the base for the engine's calculation.

Application Engines

The application engines are the main computer component to the TCC environment and allow the user to take the templates and build in their own vision, without having to worry about the fit of the garment or the complex math behind the scenese.


Templates are the underlying form of the garment, containing the basic initial style lines and the amount of draping rotation necesary for the targeting adherence of the garment to the body.

CDC Membership

Membership has its perks, from access to the private parts of the forum to weekly topic classes that cover many intersting techniques and new patterns. CDC members also get all updates to their licensed pattern lines and software for free. And substantial discounts to user conferences and other events!