Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc.

Company Information


To change the way that garments and home dec fit, so that sewers can once again sew for joy and creativity.


Over the last few decades, many sewing enthusiasts have switched to quilting and other craft sewing applications because their attempts to sew garments have met with poor results. The Complete Clothier (TCC) was formed by long-time sewers and computer technologists that were determined to do a better job of getting accurate patterns and well-fitting garments. These somewhat obsessed people decide to put years of research into how the body and garments interact, so that once measurements were validated, then all patterns generated would cover the targeted body accurately.

This unique approach resulted in patterns that are tested on a wide range of bodies, from small 4 inch dolls to very large and tall humans, all without using different patterns. The resulting patents have marked the TCC place in the garment industry, whether the user is a home sewer, a theatrical costume manager or a custom designer.


TCC started with the need for a jacket. A well-fitting jacket that would look appropriate in a boardroom presentation. One that would not need tugging, adjusting or pull against someone using a whiteboard. That need turned into the most expensive jacket in history - racking up millions of dollars in research and development, pulling in many testing personnel and triggering the invention of new ways of drafting patterns. All of these factors and investments have been essential to making TCC a sewing reality.


TCC customers come from many areas, spanning designers, home sewers and costumers. The potential customer base for TCC extends beyond this list. Anyone that appreciates the confidence of knowing that the garment will fit, without extensive, manual modification will do well with the TCC software and become part of the active user group that has built up over the years.