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The Complete Clothier

Fit to the Body, Not a Size

Get a good fit, whether you are sewing for a size 00 or size 100. Scalability and fit - a powerful combination, as found in The Complete Clothier (TCC) patterns. TCC patterns are reproducible in relation to a real body, not an idealistic form. The approach starts with a patented body engineering and continues with tools that you need to create art in fabric.

The individualized measurements allow the software to generate patterns that are sewn, rather than adjusted-tested-adjusted, etc. This changes the process and results, whether the sewer is creating for themselves, children, an entire theatrical production or a wedding party.

The three main components used to produce TCC customized patterns are measurements, an application engine and a pattern. Using its patented engineering approach, which includes a variety of draping and wrapping techniques, the software creates a virtual body with the measurements and applies the pattern information. Since this follows the measurements accurately, a pattern results with reproducible and reliable fit.

When you use TCC pattern products, the pathway from idea to wearable garment falls into seven steps:

  • Select a figure with its measurements
  • Open a basic pattern.
  • Express your design ideas using the wide variety of tools available in the software.
  • Print the pattern on any size paper, tape the pages together and cut the paper pattern out.
  • Sew your garment.
  • ....and wear it!

Each pattern has a variety of possible tools (based on the application engine level) that allow you to modify the initial template silhouette. Each higher level brings more powerful control of the pattern alterations. The tools let you change the pattern details such as length, flare, hem, etc., and provide a virtually unlimited capacity to create.

The Complete Clothier products offer:

  • Flexible tool sets - The toolsets allow you to craft garments that express your individual creativity.
  • Rapidly growing pattern library - With more than 1500 patterns being added each year, the TCC pattern lines provide an extensive base for your imagination.
  • Unlimited measurement charts - The measurement "dial" allow you to enter a comfortable level of measurements, while the patented interpolation engine fills those measurements that were not entered.
  • Pattern comparison - This adaptable function provides a basis for decision when new garments can be easily compared to those already sewn.
  • Customized fabric layouts - The ability to plan the layouts of multiple fabrics for a single pattern, including interfacing and lining, ensures the efficient use of existing or planned fabric.
  • Variable seam and hem allowance - You may set as many different combinations of seam allowances as you wish!